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KERRAFOAM Simple Border dressing

About KERRAFOAM Simple Border dressing

The KERRAFOAM Simple and Simple Border foam dressings are designed to absorb excess wound fluid from the wound bed while protecting the surrounding skin to support wound healing.


The outer polyurethane film layer protects the wound from external bacteria, while the hydrophilic polyurethane foam layer absorbs and retains exudate from the wound bed to promote wound healing. The soft silicone wound contact layer keeps the dressing in place and ensures that the dressing change is not or less painful for the patient.


KERRAFOAM Simple is available in a version with (KERRAFOAM Simple Border) and without a border (KERRAFOAM Simple).

The KERRAFOAM Simple variants adhere to the surrounding tissue, but not to the wound.



Wounds with moderate wound fluid production, including:


  • Leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic foot wounds
  • Surgical wounds


KERRAFOAM Simple (Border) can be used under compression.


Dressing change frequency:

All KERRAFOAM Simple Border foam dressings can remain in situ for up to 7 days, depending on wound conditions and amount of exudate. Change the dressing when the exudate is clearly visible on the dressing.

Initially, it may be necessary to observe the wound or dressing regularly and change the dressing (more often) in accordance with the institution’s protocol.

Gently remove the dressing from the wound and discard. Follow local procedures and guidelines.
If necessary, clean the wound with a suitable wound cleanser before applying a new dressing.



How it works

Important for optimal wound healing


  • Protect the wound from contamination
  • Protect the wound from further damage
  • Prevent damage to fragile skin


Components of KERRAFOAM Simple


  • Soft silicone wound contact layer
  • Outer polyurethane layer is water resistant and protects the wound from external bacteria / contamination
  • Hydrophilic polyurethane foam layer absorbs and retains exudate
  • Soft silicone border offers more comfort and convenience during dressing changes


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