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NU-GEL™ Hydrogel with Alginate

About 3M™ Nu-Gel™ Hydrogel with alginate

NU-GEL™ Hydrogel is a transparent hydro active amorphous gel containing sodium alginate that gently and effectively debrides necrotic tissue and fibrinous slough.

The alginate component increases the absorptive capacity.


NU-GEL™ Hydrogel helps create a moist wound healing environment and is indicated for debridement and desloughing of wounds together with the management of chronic wounds throughout all stages of the healing process.

How it works

The hydrogel creates a moist wound healing environment, which assists with natural autolytic debridement whilst the alginate component enhances its absorptive capabilities. The gel can be used to soften and hydrate eschar by facilitating rehydration of the wound.


Easy to use
NU-GEL™ Hydrogel can be applied to the wound with a simple one-handed technique. The ampoule packaging allows easy application and limits product wastage.


Long wear time
An RCT on PUs showed NU-GEL™ Hydrogel to have a mean wear time of 2.78 days, 38% longer than IntraSite® Gel, before secondary dressing change was necessary

+(p=0.014). †


*IntraSite® Gel is a trademark of Smith and Nephew

About 3M™ Nu-Gel™ Hydrogel with alginate



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