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About Diabetes

GD Medical has a full portfolio of own brand diabetes products sold under the brands Diatesse® and HT-One®, which consists of blood glucose meters, test strips, lancets and pen needles. Our goal is to deliver a full portfolio of diabetes products.


We have a close cooperation with medical wholesalers, manufacturers, prescribers and certifying bodies.


Our specialised and experienced team has professional knowledge regarding diabetes products, reimbursement system and relevant market developments and extensive market knowledge regarding test products, insulin therapy, infusion pumps, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM).




Products Diabetes

  • Diatesse XPER blood glucose meter - ketones
  • Diatesse XPER Test Strips Glucose
  • Diatesse XPER Test Strips Ketones
  • TD- Gluco Bluetooth® Blood Glucose Meter
  • Ht One Safety Lancets
  • Lift Glucotabs
Market intelligence, cooperation, advice.

Diabetes Team

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Customer Service & Order Entry

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