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KERRALITE Cool hydrogel dressings

About 3M™ Kerralite Cool hydrogel dressings

KERRALITE COOL™ Dressings are soothing, debriding and moisturizing dressings that provide the ideal environment for managing lightly exuding sloughy wounds.


KERRALITE COOL™ Dressings are strong, transparent hydrogel dressings that are impermeable to external contaminants such as bacteria, but permeable to moisture.


Cool and soothing to the touch, KERRALITE COOL™ Dressings are designed to not dry out or stick to the underlying tissue on removal, reducing the risk of maceration.


KERRALITE COOL™ Dressings are designed to:
• Help to improve healing of lightly exuding wounds
• Clean the wound, debriding necrotic tissue
• Increase granulation tissue of chronic wounds
• Soothe and cool to minimize discomfort
• Protect against wound dehydration
• Barrier to the growth of bacteria
• Help prevent maceration of the peri-wound area
• Can be cut to fit most wounds (non-adhesive only)


How it works

Clinically proven to reduce MMPs and wound pain
Various studies have shown hydrogel dressings have the ability to inhibit proteolysis, resulting in the reduction in MMPs (in vitro) and wound pain.


A subsequent evaluation was conducted using 11 participants (8 females, 3 males) at The Wound Healing Research Unit, Cardiff University, UK. Despite undergoing up to 2 years of wound management with other dressings, all patients showed a significant improvement in terms of reduction of slough and increase in granulation tissue within just 14 days of using KERRALITE COOL™ Dressings.

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