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About 3M™ Silvercel™ Non- Adherent Dressing

What is it
SILVERCEL™ NON-ADHERENT Hydro-Alginate Antimicrobial Dressing is a non-woven pad composed of alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and silver coated nylon fibres, with a non-adherent wound contact layer.


Non adherence
EasyLIFT™ Precision Film technology allows intact and pain free removal, thus minimising the risk of dressing adherence to the wound bed and fibres shedding.


Antimicrobial action
SILVERCEL™ NON-ADHERENT provides a sustained release of silver ions for up to 7 days and is effective against a broad spectrum of wound pathogens, including MRSA, MRSE and VRE.


SILVERCEL™ NON-ADHERENT manages low to highly exuding wounds and helps maintain a moist wound environment beneficial to wound healing.

How it works

SILVERCEL™ NON-ADHERENT dressing is made up of:
A mixture of alginate, carboxymethylcellulose, and silver coated nylon fibres, to manage
exudate effectively in infected or heavily colonised wounds.


A unique EasyLIFT™ precision film layer keeps the dressing simple and convenient to use,
and is designed to avoid wound adherence.


SILVERCEL™ NON-ADHERENT is applied directly to the wound bed.


Optimally spaced perforations in the EasyLIFT™ precision film allow:
• Free flow of exudate into the dressing, while ensuring the dressing remains intact
• Easy removal


The silver ions within the dressing protect the wound from bacterial contamination(1).
Dressing change frequency will depend on wound condition and the level of exudate.




(1) Clark, R; Stephens, S-A; Del Bono, M; Abloye, O; Bayliff, S; The Evaluation of Absorbent Silver containing Dressings In Vitro; Systagenix Wound Management. Poster Presentation CAWC Quebec City October 2009.


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About 3M™ Silvercel™ Non- Adherent Dressing



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