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Diatesse XPER Test Strips Glucose

About Diatesse XPER Test Strips Glucose

The Diatesse XPER test strip is not just another test strip. It utilizes a well thought-out technology with only one goal: to guarantee your patient the most reliable measurement.


Very high stability is achieved by the use of gold as a conductive material. In addition, this test strip has two separate internal suction openings and five electrodes.


With a sample size of only 0.5 µl, Diatesse XPER test strip gives the result of the measurement within 5 seconds.


All Diatesse XPER test strips can be used until the expiry date on the packing. This is unique as most test strips have to be used 3 to 6 months after opening. This means these strips are also ideal for patients who do not have to test a lot.








How it works

The Diatesse XPER test strip has 1 general suction opening that changes into 2 separate internal suction openings and 5 electrodes. The 5th electrode checks the (possibly) too little offered blood volume or air bubbles.


The general aspiration port divides the blood sample over two internal aspiration ports.

  • The first internal suction port of the Diatesse XPER test strip measures the hematocrit with a range of 0-70 L / L.
  • The second internal suction port measures blood glucose with a measuring range of 0.6 – 44.4 mmol / L.


During the production process, a very precise and specially developed laser technology is used to cut the electrodes into the correct shape.

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