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TD- Gluco Bluetooth® Blood Glucose Meter

About TD- Gluco Bluetooth® Blood Glucose Meter

The TD-Gluco Bluetooth® blood glucose meter has the following features:


  • Bluetooth® pairing
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Strip eject function prevents contact with blood
  • Pre-adjustable before / after meals (AC / PC)
  • No coding
  • Very small blood sample of only 0.5 µl needed
  • Rapid rash within 5 seconds
  • GDH-FAD technology


The TD-Gluco Bluetooth® starter kit consists of:


  • TD-GLUCO Bluetooth® meter
  • TD-GLUCO test strips (10)
  • Lancing device
  • Batteries (two, 1.5V AAA)
  • Instructions
  • Lancets (10)
  • Protective pouch



Video instructions

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