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ARTIA™ RECONSTRUCTIVE TISSUE MATRIX is specifically designed for use in breast plastic and reconstructive surgeries.


WHAT IS ARTIA™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix?

• A sterilized, surgical mesh that is derived from porcine skin, and is processed and preserved in a patented aqueous phosphate-buffered solution containing matrix stabilizers
• A tissue patch designed to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists, and for the surgical repair of damaged or ruptured soft tissue membranes
• Provides for a strong and biocompatible implant that will incorporate into the patient’s tissue with associated cell and microvascular ingrowth


Product characteristics
• Pre-sterilized
• Does not require refrigeration—can be stored from -8°C–30°C
• Ready-to-use out of the package following a 2-minute soak in sterile saline or lactated Ringer’s solution
• Once opened and retained in sterile solution, must be used within 4 hours


Perforated options designed to:
• Allow fluid to flow through matrix
• Support tissue ingrowth
• Incorporate a 1.2 cm space around the perimeter of the perforation pattern in each piece to avoid suturing interference


Contoured shape options specifically designed for breast reconstruction, and designed to:
• Reduce time for product trimming
• Make intraoperative placement easier and more predictable

How it works

Clinical results
In a short-term safety profile evaluating the outcomes following the use of ArtiaTM in consecutive immediate implant-based breast reconstruction in 17 patients

• There were no implant losses (mean follow up of 177 days), compared with over 9% identified in an audit for the Implant Breast Reconstruction evAluation (IBRA) study
• Artia™ appeared to provide an effective, functional, reconstructive matrix with a generally good safety profile when utilised for either therapeutic or prophylactic mastectomy with implant reconstruction
• Investigators stated they associated Artia™ with minimal post-operative complications and good patient satisfaction


Outcome data in patients who had received Artia™-assisted breast reconstruction was compared to patients recipient of other ADMs such as Strattice™ or Surgimend™

• Artia™ was used in 31 patients undergoing 51 implant-based breast reconstructions between July 2016 and August 2017
• The overall complication rate was 9.8% with reports of complications in 5 breasts from 4 patients (mean follow-up of 171 days)
• Minor complications: 3 cases of seromas which were drained in the post-operative clinic appointment
• Major complications: 1 patient suffered bilateral implant losses following infection and skin necrosis
• No delays to adjuvant treatment in therapeutic cases
• Complication rates compared with those of well-established ADMs such as Strattice™, Surgimend™ and AlloDerm™ from literature



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