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MatriDerm® Collagen-Elastin-Template

Über MatriDerm® Collagen-Elastin-Template zur dermalen Geweberegeneration

MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix is a unique collagen elastin matrix, which serves as a dermal replacement scaffold.


The key factor of the MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix success is the Advanced CryoSafe™ Method that preserves the native biological properties of the collagen elastin matrix.


Under clinical evaluation MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix has shown to be fast and effective in the management of a range of full-thickness wounds, helping patients back to normal life and reducing the overall cost of care.


Important features and benefits

  • Fast integration & revascularization
  • Effective closure of full-thickness injuries
  • Cost-effective One-Step Procedure
  • Superior functional & aesthetic outcomes


For optimal wound bed preparation, it is recommended to use V.A.C.® Therapy or V.A.C. VERAFLO ™ Therapy. This ensures good cleaning of the wound bed, good vascularization and stimulation of granulation tissue.

V.A.C.® Therapy can also be applied after placement of MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix and the Split Thickness Skin Graft to fixate the graft.. V.A.C.® Therapy should be left in situa for a minimum of 5-7 days.


So funktioniert es

In full thickness wounds, the dermis and epidermis and often even the the subcutaneous layer are destroyed. At extermities, tendons are frequently exposed.

Partially exposed tendons present a challenging situation for grafting with a Split Thickness Skin Graft (STSG) due to of graft not taking  and/ or adhesion leading to reduced mobility.


MatriDerm® can be covered with a STSG in a one- step procedure.


In the first days, the graft will be nourished by passive blood diffusion through the porous collagen-elastin matrix. During the first 5 days after grafting, ingrowth of microvessels ensures that the Split Thickness Skin Graft will take.


Invading cells use the fibers as guiding ridges for structured healing.

The cells recognize binding sites on the native collagen fiber and get activated by binding to them.

Activated fibroblasts  start to produce the body’s own collagen.


This results in good functionality. Fast, stable and permanent wound closure.



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